Piedmont Christian Academy is a ministry of The Church of God Tabernacle of Faith. Piedmont Christian Academy offers both an on-campus program as well as a home school program for your child. We use the A.C.E. (Accelerated Christian Education) Curriculum for both programs. This curriculum takes your child from the fundamentals of kindergarten through high school college level courses. The curriculum is a pace program using 12 PACES (Packets of Accelerated Christian Education) in each subject to complete a year of learning. Piedmont Christian Academy offers 6 subjects per year which include the mandatory Math, English, Social Studies, Science and Word Building. The sixth subject is either a Bible course, Animal Science or Literature, or other elective if the student is at high school level . We have found that this curriculum well equips that student for future learning at the college of their choice.

Piedmont Christian Academy has a dedicated staff that are always willing to help the student in their learning. Our staff is trained by ACE to provide the most up to date supervisor or monitor assistance that is available. The complete staff attends the ACE Educator’s Conventions each year. In these conventions and training, the staff is “empowered, encouraged, engaged, and enlightened” to face the joys and challenges of the upcoming school year!

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